Marley Families of North Carolina by Jim Coffey, Jr.

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Marley Families Of
North Carolina
Jim Coffey, Jr.

     A highly respected North Carolina Genealogist named Larry W. Cates completed a book review on Jim Coffey's book.  Below is an exert of what he had to say:

     "The narrative for each family is given in chronological, record reliant fashion.  Extensive endnotes for each chapter and in-body references provide adequate documentation for the relationships and movements of family groups.  In sum, I that any serious MARLEY family researcher would be proud to add this book to his/her collection."

Larry W. Cates

(*Source: Randolph Co., NC Genealogical Journal, Winter 2001)

Here is a note from Jim Coffey about his book:

     "Little did I know that a curiosity to find out more about the Marley family would lead to thousands of hours of research, many delightful journey's, and span more than a dozen years of effort.  In 1986 my wife, Lynn (Marley) Coffey, and I started a family research effort that brought us to James Marley in Sampson County, North Carolina, in the year 1794.  From there our journey revealed the presence of six Marley families in North Carolina: three families in Chatham County (several members of which moved later to Wilkes County), with Randolph, Orange, and Edgecombe Counties each providing yet another family.

     Members of these original six families spread out across the South, West, and Mid-West (Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Kentucky, Texas, Indiana, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, and Kansas) and a few stayed in North Carolina.  Descendants of all of the six families contributed genealogical information.  Our research deepened with the assistance of the Marley Family Association, which had been established by Dr. Michael Frost, Mrs. Joyce Hensen, and Mrs. Ruth Ray.  Exchanges of information at the annual Association meetings and research trips each spring generated even more Marley Family data.  Our quest for the families' heritage was collaboration with these individuals and many, many others, including Kay Sommerville, Ruth Ann Jones, and Eleanor Peak.  Our resulting 300 plus pages have been carefully indexed and beatuifully crafted (Smyth sewn in a 6" x 9", top-quality hardbound edition printed on acid free paper.  Now is a great time to buy birthday and Christmas gifts for Marley family members."

     To purchase a copy of "Marley Families of North Carolina" by Jim Coffey, Jr., send check or money order in the amount of $30 plus S&H to:

Jim Coffey, Jr.
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